Procedure for Imports into Pakistan !

One of the common questions we get asked by emails and phone inquires by people just looking to start Importing business in Pakistan, that ‘ What Documents are needed for Importing Goods into Pakistan

You Need to meet below requirements :

  1. Sales Tax Registration: First of All make sure that you have registered your company with the Sales Tax Department as an Importer.
  2. NTN Registration: Second requirement is to get the NTN (National Tax Number) for your company, which is issued by  the Income Tax Department.
  3. Moreover, You would want to register your company with your local Chamber of Commerce, for Instance, Lahore Chamber of Commerce.
  4. If you are going to Import your own branded products like branded appliances or electronics, Mobile Phones in your local brand name, then you should also consider registering your ‘Brand’ under the local copyright law. This will safeguard your company brand against any misuse by any other party.
  5. Before You apply for Sales Tax and NTN registrations make sure, that you have printed company letter heads, stamps and have a bank account in your company name.

Once you have above documents ready then you are eligible to Import any Goods, Importable by Law into Pakistan. Please feel free to contact us by Phone or email as below for any further information you may require. We have in-house arrangements to get all of these documents ready for your company, for a minor fees.


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